Read the details on how to create my top looks for this season on!!

Spidery lashes
“There was a strong ‘60s and 70s influence on the runways – and for lashes, it’s all about creating a sexy, flirty look with spidery lashes,” says MaryAnn Richardson, a makeup artist with Judy Inc.

To get the look: Apply several coats of dark black mascara. Ones that promise a false lash look will give more of a spidery effect, says Richardson.

Try: MAC False Lash or Maybelline The Falsies. “To create an even fuller look, fill your lashes in with individual lashes, rather than a strip,” she says. Finish by curling the lashes to make your eyes pop even more. Richardson suggests applying one coat of mascara before curling lashes (“It’ll help hold the curl, she says).

Red lips
If there’s one look we can count on seeing come back each fall, it’s the bold red lip, which we spotted on the Gucci and Jil Sander runways.

To get the look: Lining and filling in your lip with a red lipliner is essential to helping keep your colour stay put. Follow with a layer of bright red lipstick.

Bold brows
For a bold brow, you’ll want to go with brow pencil (or eye shadow) on shade darker than your natural brow colour, says Richardson.

To get the look: Begin by filling in the arch first working outwards to the fine point of the brow. Use a feathering motion (“as though you are drawing on individual brow hairs,” says Richardson). Then, work on the inner fuller side of the brow, filling in where needed.

Try: Shiseido Eyebrow Pencils.

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  1. Congrats for getting your makeup advice in Elle!

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