July Editorials

Im noticing that with each month I seem to stick to differents trends. In June it was black and white and this month its with the art of men’s grooming.

First up Ezine featuring designer lrma Clothing with photographer Mike Chatwin, stylist Paulo Vallejo, model Geordy W/Richards.

To view more of the story go to the link below.

Colour blocking for men was the next shoots inspiration. A fun creative shoot put together by photographer Pooya Nabei, stylist Paulo Vallejo.

To view more of the story please go to http://www.maryannrichardson.com

I have a fashion story featured in http://www.twentytenmagazine.com right now. Unfortunatly I am unable to feature it just yet but I will as soon as I can. Also stay tuned as I have some killer beauty shots coming out this month!

If you would like to connect with me on facebook I have launched a new page as aparently facebook is getting rid of groups!? Type in Mary Ann Richardson Makeup and Hair Artist and you will find me there!

Have a wonderful July x


About makeupbymaryann

Makeup and Hair Artist based between Vancouver, London and LA
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