Summer lips

Summer will be arriving shortly and I say bring on the sunshine and a good dose of vitamin D for our skin.
The summer is alway a time where makeup can be minimal and still beautiful. People don’t need the coverage that foundation gives us in the winter.
So its always fun to play up different features of the face, like the lips with brighter pinks, nudes and gold tones. Here are my 3 favorite summer picks for lips!

Its a best seller and there’s a reason why NARS ORGASM lip gloss suits so many skin tones with its warm pink colour with gold reflective pigments. Perfect for that summer evening to compliment the glow of the sun.
Rumor has it that NARS labeled some of his products after the glow that people have after they experience that feeling, maybe thats why their blush is one of their best sellers too!?

Gone are the days of the 5 shades lighter than skin tone lip colour the nudes with a hint of colour are back and you know im a huge fan of MAC Cosmetics lipsticks. The one lipstick that ill use to give clients that beachy nude lip is Blankety by MAC. Its a creamy texture with a beautiful colour that doesn’t leave lips dry or wash the face out.

Go bright in your lips for summer and have fun with colour. The colour that suits almost all skin types is that vibrant pink, best done by YSL. The Rouge Volupte range is highly pigmented guaranteed to make any lips pop and has won awards by Allure and Insiders Choice! YSL packs their lipsticks with conditioners so your lips will stay hydrated as well, bonus!


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  1. Fay Fay says:

    Sexy sexy sexy!

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