To a makeup artist brushes are very much a individual thing and their brushes are their most treasured item of their kit. They are the artists tools to their craft.

There are no rules for what brushes should be used for, often makeup artists will love and find different uses for brushes that others don’t.

So following are my personal favorite 5 brushes in my kit that I would be lost without.

My favorite of all time the 130 from MAC! The legend! Gone were my sponges, finger tips and paddle foundation brushes and into my life the 130.
The duo fibers buff the product into the skin with speed and ease that paddle brushes just don’t allow. Right now I have about 4 in my kit and I use them for foundations, body painting, blush, contour, buffing eyeshadow so many uses with an amazing result which is why it is my number 1 makeup brush.

The 208 from MAC. What can you not do with this brush? If I could just take 1 brush out of my kit and construct a face it would be with the 208. The angle and fine tip allows for precise work to come alive. Named an eyeshadow brush for its fine point I also use this brush for lips to create that perfect line and for the eyes from liner to eyeshadow. This brush is the most versatile in my kit and should be in everyones makeup bag.

The 18s from makeup for ever is the perfect buffer for eyeshadows, it holds the pigment on the brush and allows the perfect blend with the tapered edge. Its quick and fool proof to use which is why its in my third place.

The 116 from MAC has stayed strong and true in my kit through many a face. Its rounded shape gives it many angles making it perfect for contouring the face and has a large circumference to place product where needed. Used by me for all powders wherever needed.

Sometimes when you just need to get that product on the eye or get concealer where needed you reach for your must have ‘239 placement brush’. Guaranteed to pack pigment in your most needed spots. With its natural hair bristle it is able to hold product in place and with its flat shape allows you to build and build upon product until you reach your desired finish.

To read on how to clean your makeup tools read my tips on by clicking the link below.


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