Questions to ask your hairdresser

Working with a new stylist can always be nerve racking and you will always be unsure of the result until tried and tested. Often mistakes and mishaps come down to miscommunication. I know I can tell the story of my inch and my hairstylists inch being completely different sizes, ending up with tears and too much hair on the floor.

So to get the desired look you want bring in visuals and try talking to your hairstylist about the following points and see if you get a better result.

What do you love about your hair the most?

What problems are you having with you hair?

What are you looking for more volume or control?

What are your goals?

What are your limitations?

So remember unless you wish to look like ‘cousin IT’ communication is key and only allow the hair cut to proceed once you feel that your hairstylist knows the vision that you are after.

Have fun!


About makeupbymaryann

Makeup and Hair Artist based between Vancouver, London and LA
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