The Origional

What Loreal promises:
-Builds lashes 5*their natural thickness for a full and dramatic look
-No clumps, no smudges or flakes

With the inital application I was suprised how easy it was to coat my lashes and give them some volume. It seperated my lashes really well and I felt that I didnt need more than one coat but could get a fuller effect with two. The overall result was a natural dark lash with little volume, it didnt give a dramactic full effect but definatly a darker look than the million mascara. During the day I did unfortunatly notice that flakes were falling onto my face, but hey it means its easy to remove!

Again as for the million mascara I would recomend this for the natural makeup shopper that wants to add alittle drama to their eyes.

While it did add depth and little volume to my eyes I still am expecting the mascara to hold all day so I am holding out for the CARBON BLACK mascara to forfill my expectations, expect that review tomorrow.


About makeupbymaryann

Makeup and Hair Artist based between Vancouver, London and LA
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