Liz Dungate

A lot of people ask me where I get my inspiration from and and more often than not I get it from people that surround me, from friends and advertising campaigns/magazines to other makeup artists. One of the Vancouver artists whose work I have followed and creative ability I have always admired is Liz Dungate.

Represented by artist agency Judy INC in Vancouver, Liz’s portfolio shows off her ability to experiment without restrictions, that gives her work a creative edge which many artists can only strive for. Multi talented, Liz delves her hands into prop/roomset, art direction as well as makeup and hair, making her the busiest woman on set.

Her friendliness and willingness to share her experiences with other makeup artists who are starting out has always been a great support to the rising talent in Vancouver and is a rare find in the industry. As a new blogger I took the opportunity to meet up with Liz and ask her a few questions, to get her story and views as a makeup artist and to learn where she gets her inspiration from.

Who inspired you to pursue a career in makeup? Just from dressing up at halloween and at parties I was always creating new looks with my hair and makeup. The first time I started doing makeup professionally was when I was working as an art director on a small set and someone would need a touch up so I began to build a kit. Then I hooked up with Fred (photographer/partner) and I experimented and gained experience doing a ton of creatives.

Where do you get your inspiration for shoots? Looking around at European magazines and global artist agencies, Jedroot in particular has a very inspirational list of artists which I follow closely.

What are your favourite products? I use everything from professional to drugstore makeup. A few of my favourite things are the photo finish primer by Smashbox, either face+body by MAC cosmetics or MUFE are perfect for that dewy skin look. The Joe cheek tints (which you can get at the superstore) in Berry, give a great tint to the skin.

Who is your favourite photographer? Paulo Roversi

Has working closely with Fred Fraser enabled you to view your work as a makeup artist in a different way? Definitely, I’m able to look at my work on his computer 10 X closer to see what it really looks like. Also being able to look at the images as they are taken (before being edited) is a huge advantage to be able to try and test different things to know what works and what doesn’t.

What makes a great makeup artist? When I look at makeup I look for the makeup to tell a story and create a look along with the rest of the components of the shoot (hair, styling, prop and lighting). Also, I really admire makeup artists that have a lot of range in their books from really bold makeup to subtle enhancing of the skin.

What advice would you give to a rising artist? Test and test. See how your technique and products work in camera. If you can get a helpful photographer to show you the unedited images its the only way you will learn what works and what doesn’t in front of a camera and in different lighting conditions.

Keep updated with Liz’s adventures and follow her blog:

and to see her work check out her agency link:

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