My beauty blurb on how to wear the fall trends for FW12/13, written by Karen Kwan

Fall beauty trends 2012: Deep plum lips
This vampy look (seen at Christian Siriano and Viktor & Rolf) is dramatic, but a lot of people can pull it off, says Maryann Richardson, a makeup artist based in London, England. If you have pale skin, balance the look by keeping everything simple (“Just apply mascara for some spidery lashes,” she suggests) so the lips are the main focus. If you are fair in tone, go for a berry-coloured lipstick for an bitten-lip look, she says, and if you have darker skin tone, you can rock a deep purple plum. One of Richardson’s favourite plum lipsticks? MAC lipstick in Diva. For more staying power, use a matte lipstick, and if you really want more shine, just add a tiny bit of clear gloss, she says. 


Fall beauty trends 2012: Graphic eyeliner
Get drawing — the runways were flooded with so many different edgy, graphic takes on eyeliner. If this feels too superhero-esque to you, Richardson suggests lining the lower lash line, and extending out the line for a 60s vibe, but to have the end of it squared off, rather than tapered to a point. The look from the Lanvin runway is also simpler take on the bold liner looks. To try this look, she suggests covering the eyelid in black grease pencil and drawing it out for an cat’s eye shape. “This would be great for a night out at a music event,” adds Richardson, who says you can help set the grease pencil with a bit of powder. 

Fall beauty trends 2012: Colour-blocked eyeshadow
“Add colour to your eye makeup but go with more easy to use colours to make it more wearable for everyday,” says Richardson. so use gold rather than yellow , or blue liner rather than over most of your eyelid. For a look inspired by the one at Prabal Gurung, rather than the black eyeshadow, use a metallic base such as golden bronze over your entire lid. Then use an aquamarine pigment such as one from MAC or Lise Watier and dab it one the centre of your eyelids. “This pop of colour will move the focus to the centre of your face and will open up the eye,” she says. T hen use your finger to blend it slightly into your bronze base colour. Finish the look with a nude lip that more beige than pink. 


Fall beauty trends 2012: Frostbitten cheeks 
Until winter’s frost arrives, giving us naturally cold-chapped cheeks, get this hot runway look (seen at Issa and A.F. Vandevorst) by applying a fresh pink blush to the apples of the cheeks.Be careful to not bring the blush too forward or too high up towards the forehead, says Richardson, or you risk looking feverish. Try Lancome Blush Subtil in Rose Fresque — it suits most skin tones, she says. 


Fall beauty trends 2012: Contoured face and eyes
“I love this look!” exclaims Richardson of the runway makeup for Marni. “It’s a bit ghoulish, but it really emphasizes the features naturally.” Once you’ve perfected your foundation and concealer, start by contouring your face: Suck in your cheeks and apply to the sunken in part, going no further into the face than the outer edge of your eyebrows (so you’re drawing a C-shape from the edge of your eyebrows to the lower sunken in part near your chin). To get the right colour for your contouring powder, look for flat, ashy shades (steer clear of anything with any red or orange in it, says Richardson, as the idea is for it to look like natural shadowing on your face). Then for the eyes, using a round tip brush, apply a brown eyeshadow close to the lower lashes and spread down and blend out. You can add a bit of brightness to the eye with some white eyeliner on your lower lash line. 


Fall beauty trends 2012: Drawn-on lashes
Skip the tedious process of getting lash extensions and draw lashes right onto your lid like they did at the Jean Paul Gaultier show. To recreate the look, Richardson suggests applying a creamy or greasy eyeshadow to your eyelid and along the lower water line; blend out with a soft brush. “Then using an angle brush and a black or charcoal grey eyeshadow, apply the shadow in a flicking upward and outward motion, to creat the illusion of lashes,” she says.

If this look is too dramatic (“It is more of a runway-only look,” admits Richardson), then perhaps take inspiration from the lower-key take from the Derek Lam runway. to get a simliar look that is wearable on the streets, Richardson suggests applying false lower lashes and then using the tip of your mascara wand, brush product onto your lower lashes to create a clumpier, spidery effect. 

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Makeup and Hair App’s for IPAD and IPHONE

1( Andrew Collinge- This app contains 5 2minute videos on how to recreate classic looks including the Pleat and Inward Roll in seconds by multiple award winning British hair dresser of the year Andrew Collinge.  The money raised by this ap goes straight to the Self Unlimited charity that supports people with learning disabilities. 



2) Moodboard-An app that allows you to collage and share images easily.  Great to collect references and inspiration images. 



3)Face charts- Take real pictures of your makeup along side a detailed information coloum. So after your makeup consultation theres no way you can go worng when it comes to the actual date! 






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My beauty advice in, 5 wearable makeup Trends for Spring 2012

With spring on its way, we looked to the spring 2012 ready-to-wear runways for the hottest trends in eye makeup to rock this season. From sheer, very wearable washes of colour, to more dramatic looks (cat’s eye and inky, bold eyeshadows), there are a range of looks for day and night – all of which you’ll want to perfect in time for the warmer weather that’s soon to come. Here are some the hottest looks and how to pull them off. 

Spring eye makeup trends: The cat eye 
The cat eye, which we saw on a few runways, is a sexy look that always comes back in style so learning how to master this look is a good trick to have in your bank of makeup skills. In terms of product, makeup artist MaryAnn Richardson from Judy Inc. recommends using a gel eyeliner as it will glide on the easiest (more so than a pencil). “Use an angled brush and begin by creating a line from the edge of the lower lash line and draw out towards the end of your eyebrow,” she says. As for how far out you take the tip, that’s up to you and your personal preference. Then, from that outside end point, draw a line to the midpoint of your upper lash line (this will create a small narrow triangle shape) and then fill in with your liner. Extend the line to the inner corner of your eye in thin line so there’s a smooth, wing shape to the overall look. To set the liner, use a black eyeshadow on top of the liner (it will also make the liner have more intense impact). View some of our favourite eyeliner looks of the season here. 

Spring eye makeup trends: Sheer silvers 
As seen on a few runways including Etro, a sheer silvery wash of colour is a hot look for spring, and it’s definitely an easy look to wear for every day. Richardson, who splits her time working in Vancouver and London, England, suggests using a cream-based eyeshadow and applying it with your finger (“the warmth of your finger makes it easier to work with,” she says) on your eyelid. Since cream shadows tend to not last as long, you can add longevity by applying a silvery powder eyeshadow over top. 

Spring eye makeup trends: Deep, inky metallics 
One of the hottest bold looks from the spring runways came courtesy of Rodarte and Ungaro, where a deep, navy (yet almost black) metallic eye look was created. Richardson suggests trying a shadow such as Nars Underworld (which features both a silver and a metallic blue in the duo palette). Start by applying the lighter tone to the inner eye and along the lower lash line. Then using the darker blue apply the colour as a light wash over the lid and then build intensity in the crease and out towards the outer corner to add drama. Although the shape created on the Rodarte runway is quite round, Richardson suggests working with your face and eye shape and customizing the overall look to your features. Add a sexy smoky effect by also using the dark colour to line the lower lash line and using a kohl pencil such as MAC Smoulder on the outside half of the lower lash line. 

Spring eye makeup trends: Bold brows 
Bold brows continue to be in for spring and they’re crucial for adding structure to the face, says Richardson. “You’ll want to stick to a product that’s just one or two shades darker than your own eyebrow colour,” she says. If you’re nervous about your brows coming across too dark, keep in mind that this is the increasing order of intensity in terms of the type of product you use: eye shadow will give the softest effect, then eye pencil is one level more bold, and a gel eye liner and an eyeshadow applied with a wet brush both come out equally on top of the list when it comes to creating intense brows (ie. you may want to stick to eye shadow to start with if you’re a newbie and want a more subtle effect to begin with). 

Spring eye makeup trends: Geometric shapes 

The spring makeup trends include many geometric shapes such as the arc of colour applied only in the crease as seen at Philip Lim. If you’re not feeling daring enough to pull off this look exactly as seen on the runway, Richardson suggests using a shade that complements your eye colour to create the arc in the crease and then using a neutral wash of colour over the lid of the eye, which will soften the look and open up the eyes. 


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Top 5 products used backstage at London Fashion Week AW12

1)Cleanser Bioderma Crealine! Seen in countless makeup kits, this is the must have cleansing water for all artists.

2)Embryolisse Lait Creme Concentrate. Moisturiser used by all.

3) Secret Camouflage concealer by Laura Mercier, a favourite of my own and of backstage. These concealers created many a flawless face for LFW.

4)A few different foundations were used backstage all light coverage keeping the skin natural. The most popular the Bobbi Brown palette, Face and Body by MAC and Chanel Pro Lumiere.

5)Smoulder, the go to black pencil by MAC cosmetics.

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London Fashion Week AW12

A few behind the scenes shots from my iphone of London Fshion Week.

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MAC Ms Piggy collection!

Check this link out! Seems that the muppets are back with Ms Piggy leading the way with a pink eye shadow teamed with liquid pen liner and flirty lashes to charm any frog. x

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Another sneak peak of new work.

20111108-110406 AM.jpg

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